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Where is the Republican Party. I thought they stood for families and common decency. I remember seeing Lindsay Graham in a live interview. He said there was no kinder or decent man in the US Senate than Joe Biden. He (Graham) claimed that Biden was a close friend. C’mon close friend time to put politics aside and have your friends back. Your silence is deafening!!!!

  • If someone claims to be a Christian and voted for trump I dont believe they are. They are modern day pharisees. Hateful and evil. But I’m sure DT will do as McCain did when that person started bad mouthing Obama and he took the microphone from that person, and told her “Obama is an honorable man”, remember?
  • Pour it on. Make sure this stays in the headlines for as long as possible. His blind minions and cultists must be shown. They’ll ignore it and rationalize it, but they must not be allowed to ignore it. Every time trump or one of his sycophants says or does something like this, the scales fall off a few more eyes and he loses those voters……he will be left with the 20-25% who just follow to follow. His ego won’t let him see or care.
  • The staffer is employed by their cast. There isn’t unfortunately many more of them in this civilization. Their comments were towards their members. No Biden knows them. We need some tennis rules and an umpire here. Djokovic was defaulted swiftly for his error today. Trmp violates the rules. Default him.

He should be fired! Where does he get off doing something like that?! Trump campaign isn’t very intelligent let alone horrible. Seem like only his sponsors can break the law an not be charge. I forgot what kind of law and order that is. Know wonder his sponsors are guiet they getting while the getten is good. What a deal.

So what if Joe went to his son’s grave . I’m just sick of Trump nothing he says is worth anything . Trump is a coward , a looser and a traitor . I can’t wait til he gets the heck out of our house !

Fox Racing Monster Energy 3D hoodie