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Fox Racing Monster Energy 3D hoodie

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As this stretches on, we as parents have to consider all the dangers our children face during this pandemic. Mental health is important too. If bed capacity looks good and your kids aren’t coming home to high risk individuals then maybe it’s for the best. If there is a sudden increase in cases and we have to hunker down again, then we can do that. It would be so much easier if we all had solid leadership to guide us through this, backed by an abundance of testing and other measures. Sadly, we’re kind of left to question everything we’re told these days. As I said I craved on Thursday- they have stayed outside and off electronics, so I feel fresh air is winning with friends ! They all have great common sense , and much happier ! I’m with you. Today I let my 16 year old son go bike riding with friends. He had a wonderful time. I think all of my boys truly appreciate being face to face with their friends due to the time apart. All we can do is lift up the decisions we must make in prayer and ask that God will give us guidance and confidence in the choices that we do make. I think parents during this time tread a fine line between having our children watch us be law abiding citizens concerned for the welfare of others and having them be terrified of the realities of life. Life IS dangerous, but we have to learn to live wisely and bravely amidst the danger. Adrian, you of all people know that life holds no guarantees, and that you can quickly lose a loved one. I think this makes you equally willing to make the sacrifices for safety and aware of the need to live the life you have with joy, energy and gratitude.
After 8 weeks I ventured out yesterday myself and had 2 socially distanced glasses of wine on a friend’s out door porch. It felt good and I will not regret it.