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Freddy Krueger 3D face mask

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Actually I did not because he did nothing and I had no desire to be trolling on his FB. I think y’all Dems are obsessed with President Trump! You mean 4 years and 6 months and after that we will have another President Trump! You don’t seem to exude kindness. He gives his salary away every quarter. He has done many private charitable acts. Obama’s gave a pittance of their millions to charity. he doesn’t care about you. He doesn’t care about me either. It’s one big show for him. All about him all the time. He’s a disgusting narcissist who was IMPEACHED for his behaviors. Keep drinking the Kool aid. Never anything like Trump has gotten on a constant basis! Media backed Obama!! History will show Obama and his administration were the worse and most corrupt presidency America ever had! I really have to laugh at you. We elected a movie star once and our country did very well under him. I am happy that we elected a businessman and not a career politician. Things are being accomplished in spite of the left’s refusal to work with him. Imagine if the leftists worked with him for the good of our country. Wouldn’t that be amazing? It’s his business acumen we elected, not his personality or past life. His morals are so much higher than Obama’s was. Obama divided our country with his race bating (beginning with Ferguson incident) his encouraging hated for our police and for all white people.
For a person working in social services, you really need to re-evaluate your usefulness to mankind. that is the most stupid comment from an idiot! Hillary is a monster not worthy of the word monster because it is not enough to describe her.