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Free hugs Just kidding Don’t touch me Michael Myers shirt, hoodie, tank top

Free hugs Just kidding Don't touch me Michael Myers hoodie

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You get super special attention without masks. I’m glad I have your name because if I get your COVID claim, I’ll still show empathy as I always do despite being really F’ing stupid about the masks. don’t you wonder why so many medical professionals would say this at all if it weren’t true? They’re not that stupid. The corona virus particles are tiny and go right through these masks being worn. The masks are making us sicker as we breath in moist contaminated air. To be effective just a little, we’d need to change them out every 30 minutes. I didn’t make this up. Medical professionals shared this. you do understand how science works right? That research is constantly evolving, learning new things about this virus every day? In the beginning masks were not required to make sure they weren’t being hoarded so medical professionals in DIRECT CONTACT with it were safe. Yes, the stance on masks has changed, as has the science about COVID. As it should when there is more research. Cheese and sprinkles, get your head out of your ass. People say as an OR nurse, you’re protecting yourself from bacteria, not viruses. These covid particles are so tiny that they go through these cloth masks and the disposable ones that are supposed to be thrown away after every use. Is this not your understanding? I’m not a medical person. I just play one on TV. And I believe he supports that all businesses (especially Mom & Pops) should have had a right to save their business & livelihoods, not cherry picking a few …
Especially when small shop owners had every means to control & ensure safe distancing & shopping, whereas places like Walmart more than thrived, were awarded every retail $ there was to go around, they had the entire market, and it was and has been a free for all from stepping in the door, to thecheck out… same for Dollar Generals & Family Dollars … I assume Targets also.