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French Bulldog Pew Pew Madafakas hoodie

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In these extraordinary times, I believe that showing solidarity is so important. Thank you Rick Steves for being true to yourself, and to what really matters. You are a great educator, and people are just not getting why you must stand up, and vocalize your concerns. That’s ok though, because those that choose to leave this page are simply helping to cull the herd. Thank you, Rick Steves. I really appreciate learning through your travel experiences, and I love travel myself. I agree that traveling to different countries and cultures gives a unique perspective of both good and not so good aspects of our own way of life. Covid has highlighted for me the importance of meaningful travel, choosing the destination with much thought.
I look forward to reading your book! Bravo Rick, as a former international flight attendant for Pan American Airlines & Delta Airlines, I completely agree with your position on travel & politics. My family enjoys watching your travel segments on PBS, many of which I personally have traveled to. Thank you for speaking directly to the political issues at hand. You are our favorite guide! You never shy away from human history and you have become a great travel partner and teacher to many of us!! Thank you!! Every lane is needed. I’ve watched your shows on PBS & have enjoyed & learned a lot from every one of them. I, too, have broadened my understanding of the world, its peoples, customs & cuisine by traveling. I do believe a lot of ignorance & narrow-mindedness is a result of a sheltered life. That is why books & shows like yours are so valuable.