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Fuck it Let’s drink beer beach shorts

Fuck it Let's drink beer beach shorts

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I must say some of them white American expatriate folks in my country insist on doing things their ways. For example walking on the wrong side of the footpath (we keep left unless overtaking). They only reason some of them put on the surgical masks is because the government will charge them in court and then deport the guilty ones and their families from this country which means losing their fat pay checks. It never ceases to amaze me how 99.99% of Americans do not ‘Get’ how lawsuits work… You sue for damages or harm that someone else did to you or your property… And, in the vast, vast majority of cases, you have to prove those damages to win the dollar-value of those damages… If you win a suit, the award is to “Make You Whole”, not make you rich… It will reimburse you for the costs involved in making you whole – including legal fees – at best… YES, IN SOME CASES, if someone recklessly harmed you, or chose to harm you, you could collect punitive damages as well… But, again after legal fees, and the years involved in some cases, lawsuits are not going to make you rich… And there were no “recoverable damages” here at all… Some shister attorney will agree to take the case for a retainer – and try to sweat Starbucks out of a few bucks as a nuisance. But it will end up costing this stupid woman money in the long-run in this case… If wearing a mask causes breathing problems then hospital workers and those jobs require masks wouldve been dead already. Karen, stop being stupid. The world is dealing with so much crap already. I have asthma. I wear a mask everywhere, because of it. I don’t take it off because of it. That makes no f’ing sense. And to all 20 people I saw at DG not wearing one and claiming they had a medical condition….. you’re gonna get the virus, so enjoy.