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Fuck this mask and the cocksuckers that require it face mask

Fuck this mask and the cocksuckers that require it face mask3

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Our guys played their last game for a while last night. We are undefeated so far this season. I hope and pray last night wasn’t the last one we get to watch this season! I hope all sports resume soon! I sat in the bleachers last night and watched my last lacrosse match for the season. My Grandson is a Senior. I felt sorry for the Seniors the year schools were closed for weeks during the hurricane. I feel sorry for the class of 2020. I think school closings are imminent. I am that mom. Went to my son’s first baseball game of the season on Wednesday night. Thursday night, he said “Well I guess I have played my last baseball game.” Senior. Last child. 20+ years of baseball bleachers, baseball moms, baseball practices….across three kids. Petty stuff in the whole scheme of things. Important to him. Agreed. My girl isn’t going to know what to do with herself. Athletics keep her grounded and focused. Guess I’ll have to run her around the house a couple hundred times a day. It is very sad to say the least! I think the news media has blown it out of proportion! I remember having the Hong Kong Flu with my mom and all my siblings. We were so very sick and in bed for a week, but it didn’t shut down the nation. However, back then we did not have the influx of electronics to broadcast the news like we have today. God, lady. Educate yourself. I am 72, and I didn’t have it. I know of no one who died from it. This is a global pandemic. Our dingbat of a president, who played it down and lied about it for days, costing us precious time, today finally declared a national emergency. I am very well educated and if you were, you would not be doing the childish name calling of our President. I support our President 100%! Get ready for 4 more years of Trump because Biden is doomed. Sad that the Demos couldn’t find someone better to at least give them a slight chance in the election.