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Gandalf You shall not pass face mask

Gandalf You shall not pass face mask 1

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Absolutely have loved your shows for years. Cultural Anthropology major and love Europe and history. Always used your books and places to stay when traveling. I was lucky to live in Ireland 2005-2014. I taped the Fascism show for my 8th & 9th grade grandchildren to watch. Travel is a wonderful eye opener. Started traveling with my children to Europe at ages 7 & 9 and my what they learned and experienced. I now I love to watch the shows and again relive places I have been. It has always seemed to me that travel is a political act, as I have the opportunity of showing acceptance, wonder, or curiosity of who and what I encounter. I consider it my good fortune that that other travelers ask me for directions in their languages, Moms hand me babies that they need a spare hand with, I am told political happenings that scare the local person that is happening in their country, or somewhere they care about, and especially that I get invited home to share a meal. I am not just an American to interact with, the interaction is between people, and represents our human-ness.
Politics and maintainable relationships between countries always comes up. It is good I have not traveled lately, as I have nothing nice to say about our present leadership. Thank you for using your important perspective to share the problems we are facing because of that leadership, in presenting ourselves,well on the world stage. Raised around the world so I see things from a world view too. We need to teach our children that the world consists of many more than just those living in the USA. It is vital that our leaders understand that too. Thank you for putting yourself out there and telling it like it is. Love your travel guides and videos too. What about the unfortunate small business owners? Closed by coronavirus and then destroyed by looters! A more worthy cause. I don’t need more politics where I would usually enjoy some travel photos and information.