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Garden Skeleton That’s what I do I grow stuff and I know things poster

Garden Skeleton That's what I do I grow stuff and I know things poster 1

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I wish more horses could be shipped up our way in the North East instead of where they end up in the West. I never realized what was going on with all these beautiful horses. So many people in Maine are looking for horses. We only have 2 dealers in our state who, I’m sure would take all they could get. They seem to sell as fast as they recieve them here. I know the expense and so on , but it’s sad. Wonderful job to all that help save them. Sometimes a horse loses weight because their teeth need to be floated. I had a mustang years ago and I took really good care of him but he just lost weight until I was told that he needed his teeth floated and after that he gained weight and looked really good. I love her color. I don’t know athing a thing about horses . The only thing I know about them is I have always loved them. Your hard work paid off and I see the Love you two have. Wow from sad broken spirited horse to joy filled shiny horse thanks so much for what you do Dream is so beautiful and you have restored her faith in humans with such obvious love for her and what you do. I had my very healthy horse at a barn in a rural area near Monkton. The stable and property was sold and the previous “ owners” had to leave. My horse was fat and happy. When I checked on her two weeks later she was skin and bones. I moved her in two days. A near by farm took great care of her and she looks great.
If you are thinking of boarding in the general area…of Monkton? Respond to this post and I can give u info. I adopted a wild Mustang mare that was the dopted by a previous person who brought her in to Fort Campbell where I was stationed in and he tried to wild West break her ran her through a Bob wire fence and tore her nose up severely he Abandoned her with flesh hanging open I was given the opportunity to pay her bills and take her over as mine . It took me a good 2 weeks to get close to her and we had the vet come in and cleaned her nose up and we couldn’t stitch it because it was so bad they had to cut some of the rip she eventually had a scar the shape of A V on her nose right to the bone we had to treat her with antibiotics to make sure that the infection didn’t go into her bone in her nose she turned out to be the most wonderful loving horse I’ve ever had ! When She was ready we eventually started working with her Got a saddle on her started lunging her she fell in love with my 5 year old daughter she allowed my daughter to get on her to ride her and that’s how it all sta rted it ended up being my daughter’s 1st horse and she was a wonderful wonderful baby sitter very trustworthy!