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Nancy Pelosi has shown how petty and childish she is when she ripped up the President’s speech. Also, I’d like a list of the perks she gets as Speaker. Bet there are lots of tax dollars to be saved. ems want open borders where anyone could be coming into our country, they want to defund the police, and disarm law abiding citizens. That sounds like a recipe for disaster. Trump 2020!

  • Trump you should just completely ignore Biden’s campaign. You do you!!!! Just let them keep on living in their fantasy world. We the people see what is going on. The democrats are NOT about peace and stability! They are inherently evil, and are doing everything possible to make race a political issue and divide this country. I have zero tolerance for these seditious traitors.
  • Yeah and now she has been caught pushing her way into a salon without a mask when regulated that everyone wears them but comes out and tries to blame the salon? Prime example of how the corrupt and lying democrats work. Always blaming others for their actions.
  • Colorado has had it since either 2013 or 2014 and has 9 total reported cases of fraud, and one of the highest voter turnouts in the country. Seems like we’re more scared of people actually voting than fraud.

Sad that you have to constantly combat these lies and defend yourself. November get here already so we can move on with 4 more great years!  From Dan Bongino sir It’s Wednesday, September 2nd 2020, and Barack Obama was the most corrupt President in US history.

When I saw Pelosi endorsing Kennedy, I had a feeling it would hurt his chances. She probably didn’t want to lose him anyway, she can use his proxy vote for anything she wants.

they out in full force today they don’t get the slogan wwg1wga it has no race its all one we were all made by god some have been brainwashed and confused they need to see the light but they soon will

Get In Loser We’re Going Killing Horror shirt, tank top, hoodie