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Will Only Remove For Gin And Tonic face mask2

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I have worked in KY education, thank you for asking. That’s really not relevant however. Kids are together less during the summer by the nature of being out on school break and you don’t need to be a parent or work in a school to know this. as a teacher, I find the question incredibly relevant, but I agree that this issue impacts all Kentuckians. Especially those youth who appear more at risk the longer school closures last. Kentucky ranks #1 in the United States in terms of child abuse. I saw children suffering first hand in my first career as a school social worker, knocking on doors when parents refused to answer an emergency call from the school only to find they would not answer the door, either. I returned to school to teach to work more closely with the students.
When schools closed March 13, the reported cases of child abuse/neglect plummeted by 43% not because child abuse ended, but because children appeared isolated. Abuse (both physical and verbal), neglect, hunger, food insecurity, substance abuse, domestic violence, depression and risk of suicide all increase as schools remain closed. Just as science has proven protesting doesn’t spread covid, science has also proven that children aren’t likely to get covid and even less likely to spread it. This has been studied in other countries who did not close their schools during the pandemic. There is no record of a child passing it on to an adult. The same way you can’t get it by protesting but you can by having a cookout or the same way you can’t get it on dry sand but you can on wet sand. It’s a very fickle, and dare I say smart, virus! Someone tagged you in an article above. Read it, think about it, try to let the facts sink in. I know it’s difficult when you’re paralyzed with fear. I was there myself (and it was miserable). They’re really pounding it into our heads nonstop.