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Another shining example of Minnesota garbage. I am almost embarrassed of this state. So many worthless politicians from federal to state positions. Depressing. Why can’t people in this state pull their heads out of their butts and do the right thing? We have to do better. This is what happens without the enforcement of the law! Every type of slimy sick evil will come crawling out of the sewer to attack the next person it sees. The left loves to hurt children as evidenced by their stance on infanticide. This poor child escaped the butchery of the abortion “Dr.” only to be abused by the same people who hypocritically claim they want to protect the children. What in heck’s name are all these bottom feeding losers doing someone needs to ask them and let’s see how many can produce a coherent answer! Kenneth Durden, an African-American conservative blogger, responded on his blog referring to Martin Luther King:
“King always appealed to the American dream for all,” Durden said. “He was a patriot and he never wanted blacks to deny or separate themselves from being American. I think claiming an anthem for ourselves as black people is doing just that.” ( Boycott ALL sports who disrespect our flag and 1 – National Anthem!) Mr President: Don’t allow our women’s soccer team or any other Olympic teams who kneel for our National Anthem to play in any games representing our USA! Yeah have a social worker have a nice sit down talk with the perp, maybe tea and crumpets in a non-threatening environment with doilies on the table, etc. That will do it.