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Go Buck Yourself Deer Hunting hoodie

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Been fan for 45 yrs .. Name Change won’t stop me from still being with team… This name change has been on table for many yrs!! So no surprise!! Are you for team ? Or just because of a name? Or is it to announce your not going to support team and leave!! Then leave please!! You won’t be missed.. Dire hard fan stays threw it all. Well done cancel culture, you were threatened with boycotts and cancelling by those that probably have never been to a home game of yours ever and you caved lol get woke, go broke !! Stop pandering to the 2% and worry about the 98% !! Only have yourself to blame with what’s to come !! how does this cancel your culture? Is your culture based on what derogatory slur you can call people. Do you know how stupid you sound? They renamed a mountain by my home, squaw peak became Piestwa Peak. Still honoring a Native American, not offensive. The racists screamed “I’ll never call it that”. 15 years later, they all do. Your culture is it being cancelled by Respecting others. Pathetic! I read and heard from Indian heritage that name and mascot was a honor! I could care less about this team but they Obviously dont care about their fans.
I doubt Jerry Jones will take off cowboys due to this stupidity. I dont care about NFL ANYWAY ALL TO OVERPAID. If you guys were smart , you would not got to the games , watch the games, or buy any new apparel. Keep wearing old jerseys and keep calling them Redskins. You guys don’t realize what power to the people means. It means we have the power to manipulate anything as long as the commitment from the people are there. If no one buys apparel, tickets, or watches games . They can’t pay players which there for would sink the team.