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The problem is, no one does a thing to stop politician corruption. We have to do something as the people. Enough is enough.I mean we have allowed these politicians to catapult is back about 50 years!! We were making progress is tolerance and racial harmony until these past 4 years! Totally confusing! When you say ‘husband’s’ do you mean ‘brother’s’ or ‘husband after being married to brother’ or ‘husband, after husband after being married to brother’? Come on! Be more specific! ‘Husband’ doesn’t cut it when it comes to Omar! The corruption in this country will be our downfall. Look at us. The shops half stocked, ambling in and out of quarantine and still people are dying by the thousands. And they rob is blind in the meanwhile. All the same. Politicians in America are all the same. Arrogant greedy ignorant. can you tell me who pays Trump Hotels whenever he stays there for a whole weekend? The government of Donald Trump? Can you tell me the difference between Donald Trump going to his hotel for weekends and having the government pay his hotel and Ilhan Omar paying her partners business for a consultation? I say this respectfully so don’t take it the wrong way but notice Car didn’t mention anybody from the left or right but you automatically go there,Car was calling out all politicians with that statement but you call out one person,it’s like being brainwashed to always bring up his name,all these politicians suck An are crooked including trump,do better  evin Khanthichit criminal shouldn’t be allowed to sue cops they broke the law that’s why the cops got called how the criminal handles that when the cops get there is up to them. So the President isnt allowed to golf on his own resorts. But Obama could take vacations left and right he hardly was around. As far as Iam concern he earned it he can golf as much as he wants hes still getting the job done.