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God is great chickens are good people are crazy face mask

God is great chickens are good people are crazy face mask

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Same in Tennessee! I was hoping people would buy for their own household use and try a new product if they had never used it before. What I didn’t think of was how many people are buying tons of it to donate to food pantries…..helping in two ways….supporting Goya and the hungry. God saw a way and it’s working beautifully! It’s like a story about President Trump I recently heard… he put a 50 foot flag pole in front of a house he was flipping in FL. The town doesn’t allow flag poles over 30 feet; so after Trump refused to remove it, they fined him $1,000/day until it reached around $120,000 in fines. Trump went to the town and said if the town lets him donate the $120k to the local Veteran Affairs, he would replace the 50′ pole with a 30′ pole. They agreed to the deal. Soo the veteran affairs got a $120k donation (which was also a tax write off for Trump) AND then he had the golf course come build a 20 foot hill on the property and put a 30′ flag pole on top; so the flag was still soaring as high as it was with the 50′ pole. My family is a brand new Goya fan! We tried Goya this week and we will continue to buy Goya! Their products are wonderful, so much variety and so healthy too, lots of organic products and very good taste Yes. I had never even looked at that brand, just picking up familiar brand, but the boycott has created a buycott. Thanks to the haters of Trump and the CEO of Goya they have made a great brand more well known. Free and Great advertising. Same here in Arizona. I and my conservative friends all shared a “Buy Goya” when the Left said to boycott it. Our stores Goya products are flying off the shelves! I love it! The silent majority is still here.