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Marcia Stott Ballard we are not poor but as a small business owner there are NOT tons of options. Make too much for stimulus checks, don’t qualify (as business owners) for unemployment, because of a bank error missed out on the small business loan and have not had a paycheck since March. Pray tell what my tons of options are? We need to help you find options. Apply for food stamps, the new unemployment program and anything else you can find. Maybe not eligible but apply. Can you make money doing what you normally do but in a different format? Can you do some business online? I can only imagine how panicked you must be? How frustrated! Can you partner with another business to help your business work better?
If all else fails, do you have some other way you can make money, maybe if others help you with the details? PM me if you want to brainstorm, talk or connect. I can see where if you are a single mother, living in a public housing apartment, if you can’t order pizza or drive through to get a few meals, if you can’t get to your usual resources, if you don’t have a yard to get out in, if you don’t have savings or if you’ve lost income, if you weren’t making it before this thing, you are at the greatest disadvantage.
I’m very far from well off but I have many advantages some others don’t. I am so blessed and I want to help others cope and survive. I understand. I work with small businesses every day and they’ve been largely hit the hardest economically speaking. I did want to say being a business owner doesn’t automaticallt disqualify you from unemployment, especially if you paid yourself a paycheck from the business prior to this. I’ve known of others who have received unemployment this way so you may want to give it a try. I also greatly recommend reapplying for the small business loan when they come back available. I hope you are able to find some relief soon!