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Our absolute best moment in Florence was inside (!) the Baptistery by the Duomo. It was hot, so we stepped inside the baptistery to cool off. Sat down and looked up. Wow! The ceiling mosaics were a powerful visualization of Biblical history. Mind blowing. I miss Florence so much. Went there and Milan back in 2007 – followed Rick Steves’ suggestions about the pre-ordering of tickets to the museum..skipped all the lines. Even skipped Il Duoma – woke up at 7 and the line was already wrapped around. So, instead (following Rick Steves’ suggestions), climbed Giotto’s Campanile – fantastic view, and visited il Museo di Duomo…so amazing. Also, if anyone is interested, a great book to read is Ross King’s book, “Brunelleschi’s Dome”. Florence has great museums but practically every other major European city and for that matter, American and Canadian ones as well, have a plethora of great museums. Our travels for the past 25 years have been principally to appreciate art. Don’t get me wrong, I love Florence and everything about it.
Hide or report this I’ve moved back, to Poland and miss Seattle and Edmonds tremendously, but hope to see you, somewhere , in Europe. I also miss your travels and travel tips. They were all precious, even for the Europeans. Greetings from Wroclaw to you , Rick and to your exceptional team. My retirement gift was a Rick Steves Taste of Italy tour starting in Florence. That city‘s magnificence could never be overstated. This tour will always be a highlight of my life, and we ran into Rick twice.