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Golf Back Nines Matter V-neck

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Wtg Rick! Your very talented. Now I see why you enjoy all those wonderful music compositions over the world. We are self isolating here in Canada. But trip planning too. For that wonderful day when the gates open again… Thank you Rick Steves – you are WAY better than mediocre, you are fantastic! You are right, this is a time we can pursue hobbies we dont usually have time for. I dusted off my piano – and it’s in our “dining room” too  hat Henle score is on the piano? Ask rick he will know what i am asking…Beethoven opus 10#3 for me! Oh and Un sospiro by Liszt! If i can’t be in Paris for spring break might as well learn a new piece(s) I also grew up with a Sauter, a beautiful one from the main piano store in Los Angeles. David Abell pianos. They are from Spaichingen, Germany, and I remember that the piano dealer gave us a brochure all about that proud town. Well dear man, now we know your secret to low cost trips to Europe….. yes, spectacularly good research of local hotels , scenes and sights. We expect that. But who knew after those meals you film, you dazzle the locals with an extended set of American jazz standards ….. with a big Tip Cup perched prominently on any piano you can find! Hey a different kind of public tv fund raising strategy, Multi talented! Thanks. I love watching reruns of your shows with my daughters. It is a nice reminder of what we have to look forward to when life returns to quasi normal.