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Grateful Distancing Stay at home tour 2020 shirt, hoodie, tank top

Grateful Distancing Stay at home tour 2020 hoodie

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Fools , most of us have canceled our summer plans , concerts , sports event we planned on attending. Graduation party’s , holiday picnics. These are the things that will ruin it for the people who worked so hard. absolutely no law and order. I’m so ashamed. Of my country beginning with the guy in the edWH and down . I dislike when I hear people say this is a free country! What has become of our citizens ? Spoiled rotten! Haven’t you thumpers been wrong enough about end times in the past already? What skeletons do you have lurking in your closet that has you clutching so hard at your bible? Someday you will find out my friend. I am only doing my duty to have unbelievers see, hear, and accept the truth. To me, your heart is hard as a rock by the statement you made toward my post. I pray in Jesus name you will find HIM and become a “bible thumper”. Revellers and protesters don’t get covid, only people who attend funerals ( unless its Floyds), weddings , graduations and republican rallies. Just ask any democrat who controls a city or state,they will have a very logical and meaningful explanantion. There’s nothing to see here, as we burn the cities to the ground during “peaceful protests”. The governors and mayors should go to prison for allowing this. I wouldn’t have ever thought people in New York would be doing this! New York was one of COVID’S hot spots. Just knowing the behavioral of some people during this pandemic, the ones not wearing a mask and not taking any precautions, it’s gonna take almost all of them to catch COVID 19, then it’s gonna take them to either survive it or die from it before things will get better due to people that’s so bent on not wearing a mask. Dakota Dougan, I’ve heard the same! lol Several years ago I met a couple that said all they dreamed about was going to New York. To make a long story short, from the very moment they got there they had nothing, but one thing after another bad happen to them. Both of them said they never wanted to go back there again.