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My fiancé, myself and my mother all have covid. It’s a very scary thing. We all showed very different symptoms. My father more than likely has it too as he’s been in bed for the last two days. Prayers to everyone. And please take this seriously.

  • Thank you for your informative tale. It’s very generous of you to take the time to do that when you have so much to deal with already. I hope you and your family are on the end very soon. Read this this morning it was shocking and so scary. I am glad that they seem to be on the road to recovery.Here, one of my former students lost both parents to COVID in 4 days
  • Love Molly (she’s authored two books in case anyone is interested in reading more of her “real mom” stories) and read this earlier today. A big take away for me was that the 9 year old was the one who brought it home. How many other children will bring it home to their families when we go back to school face to face (in 3 weeks in my district)?
  • Sending love and hugs to you. How exhausting and frightening for you with a brand-new baby. Thank you for writing your eye-opening reality. This is so scary! I’m so sorry this happened to your family and I am hopeful that you all make full recoveries.

This is a real scary wake up call! The 10 day old baby. Molly is a great mom and reporter. She’s honest. It’s reality that our government needs to see and hear!! So glad she shared her experience & helped to educate us on this virus. She seems like an amazing woman.

My daughter, son-in-law, and four month old all had it back in June. Son-in-law had flu like symptoms (chills, aches, fever) for less than 48 hours, my daughter had a sore throat (no fever) and loss of taste/smell for several days, and my precious four month old had a low grade fever with some congestion for three days. All different symptoms and all in the same house. Thank God all three recovered quickly and are doing fine!

Molly is my friend, this bout broke my heart to read this morning. My parents tested positive and didn’t tell us until they recovered either. Omg please tell me everyone is ok. And what about the newborn. The precautions I have taken in addition to being a single mom and working full time have been exhausting. I know it’s real and it’s really scary!!!

Grateful Dude Jesus shirt, tank top, hoodie