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She chose to share. I kindly and respectfully shared with her what I loved about her and the one thing I didn’t agree with. And if you don’t like what I have to say kindly keep scrolling. We don’t agree on lots of things, but I adore you! I’m an Autism Mama and I think we are in a sisterhood. The beauty of living is learning from others and learning you can agree to disagree. I love North Carolina and being from the South. People can choose who to follow and I choose to follow you, laugh along with you, scratch my head about the ignorance about Autism with you, and to keep scrolling if you post something I don’t like. There…..I adulted for today. Where’s my sweet tea? I hope you caught the piece on the Today Show this morning. I’ve been on the phone all day with parents and EC directors in our area. Our EC kids need school and the therapies they receive while at school. I know Chowan will have face to face for K-5 but what about the older kids and the kids who are in school systems following plan c? What a flipping mess! Love your words, your feelings, your honesty, & at times, “rawness”. You believe in your children….your family….our children & our families. Thank you so much for allowing us in, Adrian. Don’t stop being you. Ever. I don’t like mommy bloggers as a general rule, and the fact that you voted for Trump with a special needs kids is mind boggling to me, but overall I enjoy your posts so I stay around as another mama of 4. I’m grateful for the viewpoints you bring even though I may not always agree. I wear my kids shoes too… flip flops. He outgrew them. I’m also great full for your realism, bringing awareness to autism, and for sharing your joy of Amos. And I love research… intelligent debate. But I too can be a smart a$$ filled with sarcasm (or as my eldest used to say “starcasm”).