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Grinch Ew Corona face mask

Grinch Ew Corona face mask3

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His wife is the cruelest for letting him run. I agree the disease is terrible and very sad. She along with the Demoncrates put him right in the bullseye. agree and Biden is at mid stage or clearly past early stage. Took care of my father in law. Horrible to see hiw they are using this man. His wife should be ashamed but wants being First Lady more. get over it and yourself. The man is running for president of the United States. You think he is being made fun of now for this genius statement by a few hundred people? Wait until the debates start. This man will be the laughing stock of the entire nation. He is unfit to Serve as the President! Not his fault he is unwell, but who will they run if not him Omar..One of the 5 who want to undermine the Constution . I am an observer from Australia and this is truly frightening..out of 300 + million..This is the best they have got? Trump isn’t laughing when he talks about him. He’s actually going after those who put Biden in this situation. And as far as your compassion Biden can say no I don’t want to put myself out there for others to see but others who’s putting him out there don’t have compassion for him. Michael Kinnett I’m waiting for the coherent thought. My dad died from Alzheimer’s 4 years ago…anyone going along with trying to put this guy in the presidency should be charged with elder abuse! you do realize that after president trump took office he was forced to take a physical and mental exam by the democrats and he passed it with no issues right.