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Grinch Ew People face mask

Grinch Ew People face mask

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I wonder if these people when they see “no shirt, no shoes, no service” would immediately take off their shirts and shoes and yell “freedom”! Wear the damn mask. during flu season, many people get flu shots. Hence no need mask. Also no recent flu season has killed 137k+ in the US within seven months. If you believe those numbers then you’re part of the problem. Hospitals and funeral homes are listing EVERY death as contributed to Covid. Even suicides, so, you believe the false numbers they are reporting. I wish that were the case and that this wasn’t as deadly as it is. Data of excess deaths (meaning deaths above and beyond the usual for this time of year) show that we are actually under estimating covid. Not the opposite. There were 122,000 excess deaths from March 1 to May 30th. That’s less than what we claimed for covid. What I want to hear from the Never-Masker is how people who believe COVID-19 is much worse than the flu, the 130,000+ deaths and counting, and wearing a mask makes them “part of the problem.” What problem? yes my friend’s father passed away with a heart attack and he was not sick but they put COVID-19 on the death certificate and he got so mad, they said he needs to bring it up with another department because that’s what they were told to do. Dan Girard even if you chop off 40,000 for error or purposeful manipulation the number is still too damn high. Believing the whole thing is a conspiracy means you have to believe the whole world is in on it. That would include Canada who have closed their borders which from what I know they never have done.
I don’t blame you though. The government is to blame for the distrust. Oohh no doubt.. people losing their jobs, being stuck at home, seeing no end in sight. But to say someone who committed suicide while testing negative for Covid, they will still say it’s because of Covid. Which is not true. Cause of death is suicide, not Covid.. make sense.