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Grinch Free hugs Just kidding Don’t touch me face mask

Grinch Free hugs Just kidding Don't touch me face mask 0

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Its just a whole lot of hype about Sweden, when they actually had lockdown rules simular to other countries like New Zealand and Australia. It just wasnt called “lockdown” NZ had 4 lockdown stages and their level 2-3 lockdown is what Sweden had. What Sweden didn’t do was NZ level 4, which lasted for 4 weeks in NZ. NZ & Australia deaths were 4 per million. NZ at present has zero reported cases for 4 days straight and only 21 deaths, last death nearly two weeks ago. Sweden has 395 deaths per million and currently reporting daily deaths in the hundreds. NZ is in level 2 which is less restrictive than what Sweden is in right now. With Australia & New Zealand looking to create a Bubble between the two Countries to support each ithers economy. NZ has supported its economy with 50 billion dollar package. They had a low level of debt prior to covid and had room to increase this in light of the pandemic. Sweden also is a country where 50% of the population is made up of individual households. Countries like NZ have 90% of population made up of more than one person in a household. The ability to transfer the virus is higher in NZ and yet the results, so far show NZ Strategy has worked for NZ. To say the world should be following Sweden is ludicrous. America gotta get out the house. Show some God damn courage…. if other nations get a step on us, it’s over. Others are already going about their business…. they have decided to face it. I fear there’s enough people in the US who now value the illusion of security over freedom. it’s disgusting. They will welcome the chains and politicians and government are only too happy to oblige. a marketplace is characterized by trade and comparative advantage. It’s not about one country/firm/whatever beating the rest – it’s about the best one winning, regardless of who that is. That’s why pride must be set aside. If a country makes a mistake its imperative that they are honest about it, and they emulate countries that did better. Right now America needs to emulate and not pretend they can lead the way.