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Grinch I hate wearing this face mask

Grinch I hate wearing this face mask 0

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Fauci is a respected doctor and has been trying to tell you all how BAD things are with regards to the virus..Trump, however, is only concerned with how he looks and has DOWNPLAYED coronavirus since day one…Any other president would have shut this down, listening to the medical and science professionals and guided states responsibility and diligently…Trump is a HUGE FAILURE but he’s taking America down with him. it’s not 99%, Trump made that up and if you took your nose out of Trumps rear long enough and listened to the MANY medical people out there dealing with the virus you’dd know it’s not true. The medication “bad orange man” advised to help against COVID, Hydroxicloroquine, is cheap and affordable. While the medication Fauci “fraud-ci” recommended is called Remdesivir and will cost almost $4,000 for one course of treatment. Look at facts, not CNN. It’ll make you look a lot better on the internet. million people died in the US last year from tuberculosis. Where the uproar and fear from that?? Why wasn’t the country shut down?? COVID is here yes but not near as bad as the media is playing it out to be. Stop living in fear! President Trump did listen and work with the Scientists, the problem is the medical community has not come together and found a remedy. No President can stop any virus without medical professionals. How lame is your comment. Obama did not stop the virus’ he was faced with, they had defenses already proven and mass produced them, but even those had not gotten rid of those virus’, they are still here. Spread your communist BS somewhere else. You are irrelevant.