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Grinch I Hate People Face Mask

Grinch I Hate People Face Mask

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Why did this guy fight?? Was a flat out brawl!! This officer was left no choice! How many innocent officers have been murdered since George Floyd?? This officer wasnt gonna be the next thats actually not true 2019 a lone 9 unarmed black deaths by police. 2019. 19 unarmed white people killed by police. fact is News outlets don’t cover it cause it doesn’t fit. I got videos that make BLM movement look like a joke. now you chose to choose what you beliefs are. but facts are facts an stats show their are more unarmed white males killed by police. he should had run he should had fight them he shouldn’t had grab a police officer tazer if he didn’t had grab the tazer than i could see where they was wrong he became armed once he did that. Jamey Joy you can say, why it’s to say, he did this or that, then say, well he swung on the officer and deserved it, if that’s the case he could have shot him in the leg to take him down, but instead he shot 3 times, and three bullets entered that man! Again I’ll stress the point of statistics tell a vast different story that what your mind tell you, sir. I’ve seen a Caucasian use a hand axe at a policeman and yet he’s alive unharmed! he was asleep in his car. More than likely he was high or drunk. Do you call every substance abuser a thug? Opioid abuser ? What are they. We all know. Comes from a good home, just need rehab. People throw out thug every time. When I think of a thug. I think of Donald Trump. Just one with a lot of money. there was two officers on scene if you can restrain someone with two people you need a different job buddy that’s the problem a lot of these cops bitches wit a badge only problem is u don have no badge to protect u buddy.