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Grinch Just wear the stupid mask wash your hands too face mask

Grinch Just wear the stupid mask wash your hands too face mask

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I hope no one follows the same method they did, but if that happens then that’s their karma. That’s the question that nobody knows. Why didn’t they call the police if they had suspicions? Why did they follow a man that they had no evidence of wrongdoing? Why did they feel the need to kill an unarmed “black man”? Their lives certainly weren’t threatened because you had three armed people against one unarmed person. The conclusion is still the same, murder. They deserve to pay for what they did in whatever fashion karma has ready for them. another George Zimmerman tag team edition. Every single person involved in this case that thinks this was justified deserves to lose every single thing they have…and get locked up with the same offenders they got convicted. Let God and karma take it from there. Adrian, Barnhill is not the DA for this circuit. Jackie Johnson is the DA for the Brunswick Judicial Circuit where the crime took place in Glynn County. Barnhill is a DA in the Waycross Judicial Circuit. Totally different jurisdiction, totally different counties. Jackie Johnson recused herself first and then sent the case to Barnhill’s Circuit who recused itself on April 6. The Attorney General of Georgia in Atlanta then appointed a conflict DA from another judicial circuit, the Atlantic Judicial Circuit, on April 13th. The conflict DA has stated the investigation warrants bringing charges to grand jury for indictment and that will happen. Chief Justice Melton ordered Georgia courts closed until mid June and grand juries are not permitted to convene. Sadly, Brunswick GA courts are known for corruption and injustice. The way this was handled and spun around should not surprise anyone thats familiar with the area. What is Goergia citizens arrest? You can pretend your the law and shoot and kill people based on you THINK someone committed a crime. This is ridiculous what type of crap is going on.