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Grinch Like A Good Neighbor Stay Over There Face Mask

Grinch Like A Good Neighbor Stay Over There Face Mask

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I know people that r loosing jobs and President Trump knows if jobs r lost there is no America. His addressing the Economy is very Important as well as the virus. But without jobs we’ve lost everything . So, he knows what he’s doing!!!by talking jobs. I trust you to do the best you can , you know there is a few effective treatments please do something to implement them, please you also know that the mask is not effective against the chinise virus should be only for the sick and the Heath care providers . Hey Don the Con…a 13 year old kid just died from Covid-19…so how many children will die now that you want to send them back to school? If under 200 die, will that be an acceptable number for you? I mean 140000 plus deaths already seem to be ok with you, since we didn’t reach 2000000 as initially projected. President Trump you are the best. Thank you for wearing the mask because if you don’t wear one that is another reason for the Democrats and others to find fault. Of course you know whatever you do there will be criticism by those people and they will do the complete opposite just to make you look bad. Love my President. Swiss immunologist beda stadler: asymptomatic positives do not exist, they are immune subjects who do not transmit the disease, the error occurs because the tests are unable to determine whether the virus is still active or already destroyed by the immune system. Many people are already had other similar coronaviruses. Healthy individuals who wear a mask would do better to wear a helmet, because the risk of something falling on their heads is greater than that of being seriously infected with the virus! The dead were certainly there, if they are all for covid… Having said that, it is my opinion that the terror campaign implemented by mainstream information and restrictive policies on the population is a crime.