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Grumpa like a regular grandpa only grumpier Hoodie

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This is common unfortunately. My son is in the public schools (middle school) and I work for the school system in EC. In fact, parents just received an email tonight from the principal asking parents to talk to their children about “code of conduct”. There is apparently a lot going on in the classrooms and the students are disrespecting the teachers. My son is “highly sensitive” and gifted, and he gets very upset when “kids are being bad”. His words. It’s so sad. Shannon Smith Falcone My son, elementary age, struggles with this too. He doesn’t like bad words. Stupid and bathroom words offend him, so I can only imagine what the real bad words will do. While I love his prudence for this, he doesn’t want to play with kids that break rules and we are trying to work through it. I’m nervous for him as he moves up in age and the behaviors escalate. And I work there!

Brittany Raub totally agree. My son is 13, and hates bad language. He hates arguing and yelling. He has always been very compassionate and open to different opinions and different scenarios. A very open mind and a peacemaker. Shannon Smith Falcone yes I agree! My son had an IEP for Autism until the start of 3rd grade but he didn’t need it anymore. He might not need the traditional support services but he can still use help navigating! To go deep into this problem, we need to first add NC PK across this state! Children need to be seen earlier, get early intervention and have classroom experiences in preschool. Children are entering kindergarten with unbelievable expectations that are not nearly developmentally appropriate. I’ve seen so many children begin acting out, simply due to being overwhelmed by it all. There’s too much testing, too many in a classroom and no full time TAs!! We then have children developing a self fulfilling prophecy…. Governor Cooper is working hard bringing professionals together, to tackle the lack of literacy skills in K-3. Early childhood education for all in NC would greatly address SO many of the issues we are seeing in classrooms today and the lacking of reading skills. Unfortunately, we continue to elect legislators who do not put education as a priority.