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My son is my guardian angel He watches over my back face mask

My son is my guardian angel He watches over my back face mask

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So you can get a felony for protesting, which you have the lawful right to do?  Yet, they haven’t arrested the cops who murdered Breonna Taylor?! Nor did they arrest the white supremacists that were out there carrying out a mock lynching? what is it about the death of Breonna Taylor that has the Government and Law Enforcement so scared – that they are ramping up their efforts to silence those who dare ask questions and demand answers. This brought tears to my eyes. It was so touching the way this hero didn’t stop trying to help until he could get the kitten out and held him so gently. The kitten seemed to know he was being help. I noticed that he stopped crying. Paul what a wonderfully kind and compassionate person you are to have saved this precious little kitten!! You never gave up and Tigger was rewarded with his life!! Kudos to you!! Many blessings! Patcharee Imsri, it brought tears to mine too! What a truly caring and heroic guy this was who stepped up to help this kitten. With all the negativity, it’s so wonderful to see something like this. cant you do something about all the scammers and spammers that keep trying to chat up people and get people to “invest “geez, its sickening, under every comment there are creeps replying. cant you block them by the first time so they dissapear? This made me cry …holding my cats and their ” dog” with grateful and loving arms. God bless the man that saved that kitten and the man who adopted him. Such a warm caring rescue! This man was so persistent and didn’t give up until he finally got this little kitten out! Then ends up adopting her. How compassionate! Thank you for taking the time to rescue that adorable little kitten. You are a hero! What made this story complete was that this little fur-boy was adopted too. Enjoy your new home TIGGER! I hope you will be an indoor only kitty. The world outside is dangerous for furbabies of any size or species. I’m thrilled that you are now SAFE! WooHoo!