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Anne Crossway, I do not think you are influencing others with this line of thinking. Calling the President “Donny” is really not appropriate or respectful. You have certainly been misguided, even on the meaning of “fact.” A two-year investigation by a Special Counsel who seemed to be trying very hard to nail something substantial on our President found he was not involved in any collusion with Russia. Just because you and others wanted a different outcome does not mean you can be believable by just making it any conclusion you want. I see NY and CA in your location info, but your photos look too young to even be on Facebook. You have a lifetime of learning and experience ahead of you. It is wise to say little unless you are positive you are speaking the truth. A good life lesson. Opinion is one thing, but stating something false is a fact is not helpful or wise. Mary Bower I didnt go looking at a list of people banned, so there may have been others, I dont really know. I do know that regardless of how smart or stupid it all is, they do have the right to do so. No ones is restricting anyone’s right to free speech, they just can not type their bullshit lies conspiracy theories and hate on a privately owned social media site. allace Stuman yes sir you are correct there are laws concerning monopolies which allow the government to intervene and take control. .. they can do this to make certain aour fundamental rights are not violated. Tia Cole then why did the couple who owned a bakery get sued for not wanting to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple? Their bakery, their rules. Point is, Same freedoms for all, not just some. Ricky Troutt the problem is the hypocrisy from the left. Ban Woods and Watson because they are conservatives who have NOT broken terms of service and those with liberal POV DO break terms and are not banned. It’s awful and a dangerous precedent. It needs to stop. Wallace Stuman you are an idiot it’s a private entity who lets you on their platform for free and lets others advertise so they can make money they can do whatever the f*** they want in this free country.