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Lynda K Krueger-Bannon I must have missed where ANYONE was championing communism. Please point that out. Unfortunately you repugnikans haven’t got the ability to argue an ACTUAL point. I guess tRump University didn’t teach you how to stay on point when you debate. Pitiful tactics for weak minded sheeple Diane Thieke Bousum Actually, you have Republicans out to steal our money. When they kill Social Security, millions of us who have paid into it all our lives will be screwed, while the billionaires reap the rewards of our hard work. What is he thinking? Is he trying to lose the election? Republicans have Seniors too! If you don’t want to end up supporting your parents and grandparents and paying their medical bills you MUST call your representatives today! This is URGENT and not a game trump should be playing! Trump signed the CARES Act the Democrats put together. Democrats had a 2nd stimulus packaged signed MAY 15th but Trump refused to sign it and then they waited until the last minute to put something together. This IS NOT on the Dems. Diane Thieke Bousum haven’t worked 2 months over past 9. Still we pay their useless asses. Must be where these other leftys get the idea of doing nothing and getting paid. Damndest thing I’ve ever seen. John Hoffman your right. The obstructionist were stuck and wouldn’t budge until nr. Prez said enough and took care of it for americans, not all the bs fat dems wanted. Personally know of business owners that cant get people to return to work because they were making more setting on their ass.