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I feel sorry for her. She will lose her babies. Because this is how humans work. We keep our babies, but she will lose hers. SAD. Our doxie gave birth to seven adorable puppies. We had to help feed them! She was a “wonderful mom!” But was glad to see them go too, to wondergul homes!

  • This is true. Never thought of it this way. So sad. I wish she would know they will be given to happy homes and live good lives. So cute and what sweet picture keep a doggie family album .shows how much you cherish your pets
  • This is an adorable picture. It’s so sad that we have to always look at something so beautiful and be so hateful towards others when none of us know what’s really going on. For all you know they’re all together
  • Mr Milan this is such a beautiful picture of proud Mum and her sweet little pups. A very doting Mumma Doggie. Just what I love to see gorgeous photos of wonderful doggies. Love to you all

Precious photo of mom and babies. May I ask a question that I keep wondering about? Dogs who bark at a person from behind their fence but tail is wagging like crazy. What does that mean? Is that a friendly bark or Im gonna eat you if you come into my garden?

 I love the pictures… but most people make a living off of mating their pups… so many die so more can be born… just a thought. I honestly don’t see anything offensive in this pic at all, what a precious way to document this. Our animals are precious and they should be loved the same way we love our kids

Wow, there is so much hatred in some of these comments over an adorable photo . There is so much other cruelty going on to animals everywhere and this is what you direct your hatred towards. Sad world we live in.

Picture very cute but wouldn’t it be nice to slow down on breeding and empty all our shelters especially the Bully Breeds I’m not anti Pit Bull or any other breed the shelters are full of smart beautiful animals just looking for a forever loving home.

Halloween It’s the most wonderful time of the year phone case