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Hamilton – King George da da da face mask

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Thank you for posting this, his love of Hamilton is wonderful. I hope the Dolphins stadium plays music from Hamilton to help him get pumped for the games! One of my favorite Tigers- and one of my favorite ways to pump up for an Army workout! (I think we also have about the same level of singing talent

  • my son’s name is Alexander Hamilton. He’s never seen the musical but I hope to take him one day! I’m a teacher and his dad is in the Air Force. If you get to DC, look us up here in Calvert County!
  • I feel him! I am walking around humming/whistling Hamilton all the time! It’s to the point that my 8-year-old is like “Mom! Not Hamilton AGAIN!” This soundtrack gives me LIFE!
  • I am a Giants fan through and through. But if you are a Hamilfan like me, mad love and props for the sick singing! Christian Wilkins you won my heart today. You are young, scrappy and hungry just like your country and you are not gonna throw away your shot! Lin Manuel Miranda you have to meet this guy

My mom was the biggest dolphin fan! She passed away 3 months ago and would’ve laughed at this! Thank you for sharing! We have more in common than what divides us. We all need to remember that bottom line.

Do you see what wonderful inspiration you have given children? As a teacher, I am constantly trying to connect with students. You, sir, have captured their attention and imagination! Children of all walks of life can see themselves represented in the framing of our nation, as well as the performing arts!

My daughter loves reenacting Hamilton with her barbies. She even designed their paper doll dresses herself! I’m middle school choir & theatre from Michigan. Our classroom mascot is a rubber chicken. Hamilton came to our town so everyone, including Choir Chicken, had to go.

Hamilton – King George da da da face mask