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Hamilton – King George da da da shirt, hoodie, tank top

Hamilton - King George da da da hoodie

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Brandy Schriner there are nurses with health problems and they have been frontline workers this whole time! So what is the difference? I don’t understand why people in the school districts are getting special treatment than healthcare workers! We cried, we fell to our knees and prayed then we got up with the grace of God on our side and took care of business! I find it interesting that if a person doesn’t agree with who ever is in charge (in this case our Governor) that they see anything she says as lies and spreading fear, but the ones who agree with her, see her as a great person. Political party aside, we as a nation need to start realizing this IS a HUGE problem within our country. This virus isn’t going to just disappear. If we keep opening things up, the longer it will take to get rid of it. People will believe what they want and argue with you until they’re blue in the face, but that still will not change anything. We all know not to believe everything we read or see on any social media, but the reality is, this is a serious virus and it’s here to stay, for a long time. I think unless this has affected someone personally, it’s easy to say it’s just a flu, and nothing more, but to those who have lost a loved one, know it’s not. Schools shouldn’t open for hybrid (reduced capacity) until a community/county transmission rate hits and stays below 5%. Full in person school at 1% or below. Cynthia Larcom-Segale To quote a phrase from you fear mongers… When did you get your medical degree? Fauci is now screaming the vaccine will probably be around 50% effective. Let’s just stay home and never leave the house ever again! Then we’ll be safe!