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And she lived happily ever after Book poster 1

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That is not how I read Aditya Rauniyar’s statement. She thinks, AS DO MOST THINKING PEOPLE, that the C-19 numbers being reported are inflated and fake! So the fake news people will be reporting a very large inflated number, say maybe as much as the entire population.
Take a chill pill and look for your sense of humor under the rug or wherever else you left it. VERY MANY people do not believe anything reported about C-19. And you will see this at the polls in November. Wake up America! Sharon Stanley is that why she put Biden 2020? I agree with you that the whole world especially USA has been lied to on the number of Covid deaths especially because you have an election in November and the dirty Democrats are trying to use those inflated figures to their advantage. Pat Henderson These EOs do none of what he purports. They’re a desperate attempt to hoodwink his simple minded sycophants into thinking he actually did something even though it took 3 1/2 years and sinking polls to get around to it! The president did not cause the Wuhan flu. It came from China. He worked to minimize it here while the Democrats fought him at every step. Remember Nasty Nancy in Chinatown? And Cuomo murdering seniors by deliberately introducing the virus into nursing homes? He gathered materials and sent federal resources out to the states. How anyone could blame him for the virus takes a pretty inventive imagination. The governors and mayors mishandled it from the start, not the president.  I hope the price of my medicine went down too. I have monthly injection in my eyes that costs over $6,000 monthly. I would go blind in matter of months if I wouldn’t have this treatment. I pay only $50 copay, thanks to the insurance I have, but my insurance payout to the clinic is a little over $2,600 after the insurance disallowances. How would anyone afford that without insurance.