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We literally went 13-3 last season. Im not really sure why everyone thinks we needed to spend big money and waste cap space on big names…..WE LITERALLY DONT NEED ANYONE. 13-3 with Adams missing a couple games. So sit down couch GM and stfu. where is there any mention of free agents they should have signed? If the team “literally didn’t need anyone” then I guess I missed the part where they won the Super Bowl, and they should have bypassed the draft altogether. “Literally don’t need anyone” and you people are trying to say my comment was stupid I loved what he did in free agency last year, but I also understand not getting into it this year. My issue is more with his drafting. Last year with the highest pick the team has had in years, and he chance to land an impact player we get…. a project player in Gary. I was happy with the rest of the draft and free agency though, so thought it wasn’t a huge deal. This year with their first pick what do we get?… a project player in Love (trading up to do so and pushing Rodgers out the door in 2 years).
This team isn’t terrible, but it has a lot of holes. They overachieved last year, then failed to address any of those holes this year. I agree, Why would you take a project so high just to rotate him, a #12 should be starting if not by the opener then by the 5th game, or no later than midseason as he should be in the heat of the battle, so he’s merely a backup, and they passed on a stud like Jeffery Simmons who missed a couple of games at the start due to surgery but really came on and made the All Rookie team, like Jenkins and Savage.