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Harley Davidson Pittsburgh Steelers Skull hoodie

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It hasn’t hit the Good Gubbner or his hairdresser either, unless Mizzrz Cooper does a video with a pair of scissors giving him a haircut. Tired of the hypocrisy. Funny how fast all credibility can be lost on a little personal grooming. You did the RIGHT thing by saying YES! We are all not in the same boat despite being in the SAME storm….. your children need to be playing with other children and living their lives! Onward! Last week we let our kids see a single friend at a time on the beach. Still being cautious but fresh air and sun with another responsible family seems okay for short periods. Like everything else in parenting (and in life), that’s all you can do – take it one day at a time, one decision at a time, deciding what’s best for your family and your community. All you can do is what’s best for your family… adolescents are committing suicide due to horrible isolation. This is not good for them. Being safe and washing your hands, staying at a distance. We all need human interaction. I’m not saying go to Walmart with the masses… go the f*ck outside and laugh… ride a bike with friends. Don’t hug, kiss or shake hands. I’m in MD where things are bad but hospitalizations are slowly decreasing and I finally let my 9 year old go off and play without me watching. I told him no roughhousing or getting on the trampoline with other kids. We can’t sustain a life without community.