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Harry Potter Expecto Patronus coronavirus face mask 0

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Stevens Are you sure, the CDC lied to you this whole time. look on their website, they come right out and tell you that , you just have to be smart enough to find it, which most liberals aren’t. Too bad the people that burned the church last night don’t believe in religious freedom. too bad the Bishop of that burned church would rather squawk about political views than acknowledge the president caring about his church and the people that attend it. The despicable bishop should be sent to Antartica. Mr Spock said it best “Beam me up scotty. There is no intelligent life down here.” Your last sentence says a lot. There’s a lot of stupidity in this country. I have a cousin in Greece and she has a difficult time understanding our way of life. Not that things are perfect in Greece, but she just could not understand why Mr. Floyd was treated so harshly. I have to explain to her that people who do not live in this country have no idea what goes on. What they see on the news, shocks them. They don’t live in the chaos that we are now experiencing. Don’t your country based on in God we trust In last days there will be false bishop preachers we are seeing them now. president Trump a Christian and was bringing back in the schools when he held the Bible I was so proud of him love . I may be stepping out of my ways here but the Pope really doesn’t matter here. I haven’t seen him with his jewelry speaking up or speak peace, only THIS man has the balls to do what he does.
The Pope? Again, not interested in a religion where kids have been raped and molested. Please stop embarrassing yourself with these comments.