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It’s a bunch of Hocus Pocus face mask

It's a bunch of Hocus Pocus face mask 1

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I walked it solo in 2018 and it was life-changing. At the time I swore once was enough. Now I can’t wait to return and do it again (though I will either walk the Napoleon route from SJPDP or just skip the Pyrenees and start in Roncesvalles). I blogged it in real time if anyone is considering doing it and wants to read the perspective of a not-quite-well-conditioned middle aged city dweller: I hiked the Camino De Santiago way back in 1989 to finish up my year of study abroad in Spain! I hiked it before many from the US knew about it- and when the refugios were free! What an unforgettable 28 days of my life! I hope to do it again one day! Thank you friend. I’ve been doing a virtual Camino with many other Peregrinos recently. Just sharing stories and photos our respective journeys. It has been so good for my mindset. We are in the fight of our lives I fear. But, here are some of the photos I recently shared. An awesome experience. I walked the Camino Francais in 2019 and was scheduled to walk the Camino Portuguese next month…which I had (obviously) to cancel. Hoping to make the trek in 2021. We did the Camino September 2019, our first European adventure without our beloved Rick Steves guidebooks. Rick, you should walk the Portuguese Coastal route and write about how beautiful it is! My friends Air B&B apartment is in a lovely village along the Santiago trail, located in Oviedo, Spain. When we visited, I saw the golden scalloped shells embedded along the trail in the city. I was fortunate to walk in 2019 from Lèon to Santiago to honor my Spanish mom who passed away. I hope to walk again on the Portuguese route. It is truly a one of a kind experience.