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Hocus Pocus I smell weed face mask

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Imagine being a weed addict and getting excited over this. My cousin overdosed on one marijuana injection a few years ago and is still in a coma. It would be great if the bags were biodegradable and also if every bag came with one seed in it. Just incase it was never found by someone, that it would compost and grow a pot plant

  • So you’re telling me that all those hypotheticals you were taught in school about strangers randomly offering you drugs were true. It’s pretty obvious why Cannabis is a terrible drug. You only have to go to any city in the UK on a Saturday night and see the absolute carnage it creates.
  • Nice post. As a grower all the way from Cali I love quality and not quantity. It has been my dream since I turned 5 to become a grower and when I turned 18 my dream came true and now am a great grower of quality shits. I do help people out there on what to take and at the right time. Always taste quality and not quantity remember.
  • My inbox is open for any serious person. You can send me a request too but u got to be a serious person. Everyone’s satisfaction is my top priority and I don’t mind what state or Country u are from feel free to get to me anytime so we can talk more about my dispensary Thanks

Only cuz they money my niece and nephew has their own brand the own cannibis cafes three pot shops and they started with no money and there the best store in Olympia Washington. No celebrity lines for me. I’m not trying to make already obscenely wealthy people even richer. I support my local growers/producers.

Its super annoying that everyone needs to know what celebrities are doing all the time. They mastered a skill or they knew someone. Anyone can do that. They are regular people. Its just super lame. We need better music and movies.(end rant)

celebrities are stupid or just don’t care we all know weed can destroy lives too getting addict n becoming lazy, over thinking and skinny.Honestly weed is not good for poor people. working while high is not a good experience I know n takes lots of time to complete a simple task.

Hocus Pocus I smell weed face mask