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Hocus Pocus Nice Butt poster

Hocus Pocus Nice Butt poster

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When or if you reach your elderly years and no longer drive, then you might understand. Or if your are mentally disabled, or live in rural America where getting to a polling station can be difficult. There are many reasons for mailing in absentee ballots and having your voice heard. Since when did not being at the ballot box become unamerican? With all of these new restrictions I would definitely call that unamerican. Since when did we ever choose to conform to such a point of absurdity? I could care less if people line up at the polls or mail in their vote. I do care that people don’t vote. People go so nuts over voter fraud and it’s a non issue. What people need to be focusing on is common ground, because us.. the average American is being screwed by our government. Party doesn’t matter, it’s all the same and they are laughing all the way to the bank at how well they can divide us. Remember United we stand, divided we fall… We are falling… Those too afraid to go out can vote absentee, my right to vote in person shouldn’t be squashed because of someone else’s fear.
By the way……the ballot for primary we were all supposed to be mailed……never showed up. I dont trust all mail in voting! People who believe in science should be free to vote by mail/absentee. If you want to go to vote in person and risk your health, great! That’s one less republican voting in 2022. Apparently requesting and receiving a ballot, they haven’t been released yet, is too much for you to handle. Call your BOE because you posted wrong info.