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Just a bunch of Hocus Pocus personalized tumbler

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That’s only because we had this surge of counterhype where the trumpers and naysayers were flaunting their patriotism in groups by not wearing masks just to scorn local government mandates, which during a pandemic is about as counterproductive as it gets.
All the way through we had people crowding to the stores and beaches, while half weren’t wearing a mask or social distance cuz we were still in the phase where this was all a Democrat hoax and that Newsome and the left are just trying to infringe on our freedumbs.
Now our numbers are worse then ever and now even the old naysayers are eating their words here in cali.since were shutting down again. It’s funny cuz now they’re trying to recall Newsome over the 2nd shutdown but it’s really their own fault. They’ve made this so much more difficult than it needs to be.
California is viewed as a liberal safe haven by the rest of the world but don’t be fooled, were a diverse melting pot with people from all walks of life, don’t let the beach/city aesthetic fool you, just a stereotype that only speaks to maybe 10 percent of the population and that’s a big estimate.
What I’m getting at is, just like we attract hardcore liberals, we also attract hardcore conservatives as a counter of sorts. have you even been to California?? Up until this recent surge, mask wearing was spotty at best. Something about the weather making people think they’re immune or something. Plus a lot of stupid young people becoming carriers. why don’t you cry us a river! So over you spoiled brats acting like children. If you want trump to be re-elected then we have to stop the spread. When Biden is in the White House you will be responsible. No one wants that.