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Halloween (original) and H4, H5, airing on AMC channel today, and tonight. I never really like H5, but the car chasing scenes are great. And there is a great, but very fast shot of Michael in the car, with his face half lit up with a light, that is a great shot.

  • I understand that due to the pandemic that production of movies was put on hold so has anyone heard if the new Halloween movie is still being released this fall? Yes!!! I’m so curious to see how they play Laurie’s granddaughter. She was holding his knife at the end of the 2018 reboot! I’m so excited! Michael Myers is my absolute favorite
  • I’m excited David Gordon green and Danny McBride are using their original scripts for a 2 part they originally planned for the 2018 film then made rewrites to the 2018 film just in case it was a failure so I’m now excited for the original scrip Charleston SC will always be haddonfield Illinois
  • I’ve probably watched the original over 100 times. The second one and a few others were good. Didn’t like the other Halloween movies. Can’t wait for this one! These sequels are making a mockery of the originals… For Christ sake, let it be and create something new instead of trying to drain every last drop of blood from the classics! Shameful.

I heard about this an Instagram and I’m here about here it’s driving me excited insane oh yeah. I just hope they do it extremely quick before they both turned 90 Michael Myers and Laurie Strode LOL but true.

Halloween 2018 was horrible. They keep making one stupid movie after the other. They should had kept Halloween 2, and came up with a great sequel finding a lot of roots and answers from 1978, but they ruin it every time

Rumors they are brining back the character of Tommy Doyle for Halloween Kills. They contacted Paul Rudd but he is unavailable. I am a big fan of Michael Myers as well. I am so happy that he survived at the end of the new Halloween movie. I Like his mask.

I love the titles and so glad JLC is back. I hope this is the official end. I never want to see another Halloween movie till I’m an 80 year old man. Blumhouse don’t sell the rights ever. Keep it locked so no one can ever remake it.

Horror Cats Halloween shirt