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This means that cats actually realize they are looking at a reflection. Self awareness tests like this are used to gauge animal intelligence and when they taught us this in college cats were not on the list with dolphins and chimps on being able to recognize that it’s a reflection. This is really cool.

  • Out of the dogs the black one,2huskies&the great Dane were the best.they were more comical than any of the beautiful kitties. I’m just really impressed at the intelligence of cats to recognize themselves and others in (phone) reflections, and realize when something is wrong.
  • It’s actually a really interesting experiment to see the reactions of kittehs to a new face. It really shows they recognise us as individuals. Then bring back the familiar and praise them so they are in a safe place.
  • Cats are smart and adjustable. Surprise is not terror, and at feeding or treat time, the poor frightened kitties won’t care. Cats are quite visual but they also rely on scent. They know who is whom!
  • This is plain cruel. Those cats are terrified! My cat was scared when he just saw an illustration of eyes on a table mat. He raced out of the room with his tail all fluffed up. I want him to trust me, not fear me.

Whoever said cats and dogs can’t recognize their own reflection needs to reevaluate. I have a cat who loves to look at himself in the mirror, he’ll look at me too, but mostly looks at himself. Thank goodness he’s a cat otherwise his arrogance would be his downfall.

This experiment may seem amusing to some,I didn’t really care for it. They all looked confused and some even frightened. Let’s find other ways to entertain our loving Pets.

LOL that one cat with its tongue out. I just love blepping cats. He’s like my Jessie. I read an article somewhere that says cats actually think of us as cats too, different than dogs who really think we are humans. But why are they so surprised now?

Cats don’t have self recognition so they don’t think the thing on the screen is them or their owner. The owners are making a high pitched sound so the cats look up confused.

Horror movie characters – Cats shirt, tank top, hoodie