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He probably has one of the most elaborate and saddening back stories in the entire series. I love how Kishimoto built up Itachis character throughout the story. Preeeetty much had a crush on him from the first episode I saw him in, and while some of his parts terrified me, I really liked reading about his character.

  • Not one of my favorite characters. He is my favorite character. A shadow hokage and a loving brother who burdened himself with all the pain and suffering alone but smiled till the end with only love for his village and his little brother. Itachi uchiha of the hidden leaf
  • Is it just me or is this guy in everybody’s top 5 favourite characters? (often alongside Minato and Kakashi). If there is someone reading this who doesn’t have Itachi in their top 5 favourite Naruto characters, please let yourself be known in the replies.
  • If Itachi would have wanted to be almighty, like Madara did, i’m pretty sure he would have been ahead of madara. But he did not seek power like Madara did, all he wanted was peace.

Probably the greatest broken villain. How itachi sacrifice his life and whole clan just for a mission. Joined the akatsuki to be a spy on the leaf, and to protect his lil brother saski. Itachi’s suffering is way more painful than naruto. Thats why he can understand narutos feelings.

He’s the best character in Naruto.. But shisui was far stronger in Uchiha.. I bet if he’s alive, he would be great to watch like Itachi.. Too bad that Kishimoto doesn’t know how to properly scale characters. Had to nerf him with a random illness because he was too OP

Itachi uchiha is one of the strongest ninja. he was really true hero of the war. Naruto was not going to win war without itachi is help. I must be the only one who dont feel anything about itachi for me pain is the best. At fist I honestly hated this guy , later on you see his side of the story and realize how the world can be .

Horror movie characters – Cats shirt, tank top, hoodie