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Because enforcing social priorities is a delicate dance, and law-breaking is a necessary evil. You have to let the Mayor’s son get away with a bag of coke, while throwing kids away for smoking pot because “numbers”, and “justice”, and “status quo” “preserve society” “rules” “natural order”. The guys with the guns just have to learn to carry out the rules that nobody says out loud. For that, we give them some degree of protection for doing our dirty work. That’s not the reason they say, and I admit, this is sheer speculation on my part. But you know, the families in the club all go to the same functions, live by the same rules. Go along to get along. It’s a shame not everybody can fit under the tent, but that’s how it goes. It’s one country, but unfortunately, at least 2 different sets of rules, but there’s only one that counts. POWER, baby. MY world, MY rules.

One more comment post, let’s say we won on eliminating qualified immunity. Does that change how we should pay taxes to police? Wouldn’t it be cheaper if we just hired our own local county militia? What is the point of having a law abiding officer if we cannot bare the taxes to the officer for any liabilities the officer commits a racial or indefensible act? Possibly a good approach. Currently cities pay out millions in civil settlements. While civil lawsuits deter corporations and individuals from bad behavior, they don’t seem to motivate governments to clean up their Police Departments. Yes – I have followed this issue for years. Complicated. There is a logical argument for some form of ‘qualified immunity’ – but the key thing is the word ‘some.’ What is required is some sort of sane ‘middle ground.’

There should be some creative way to hold police accountable, and at the same time protect them is the process of doing their job. I look forward to some creative idea and approaches. If police are constantly worried about being sued, no matter what they do, then it will affect how they do their jobs. Like I said – a very nuanced and complicated subject. Somewhat more complicated that FEE might imagine.