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I am a farmer I don’t stop when I’m tired I stop when I’m done face mask

I am a farmer I don't stop when I'm tired I stop when I'm done face mask 0

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I listen and I study and I check to see if what is said is true. I don’t take things based on people’s words and so should you. we have a man in the White House they can’t read he is in with Putin to kill our troops so don’t talk about Biden whatever Trump does you Republicans take up for him like he said he could shoot somebody and you will still take up For him. The man overcame stuttering and bully bitches like you have to make fun. Pathetic, you and the unhinged narcissistic bully sociopath in the White House. This is a quote from Joe. “ the nurses at Walter Reed, they blow air up my nostrils so so I can … move. “ This is a person with mental decline. If his family cared about him they wouldn’t put him out in public. Stupidity rules with the far right idiots. I can’t wait until Biden takes office and puts this country in true order. Called DEMOCRACY! We have a Fascist Dictator now with a heavy hand. Frances Jack have you heard your king speak? Have you went your entire life without self respect? Do you support every misogynistic, whore- mongering philanderer, or just Trump. I guess that means you may have been battered and for that you have my sympathy. “Donald Trump repeatedly struggled to say the word “origin” during a White House meeting with the Nato secretary general in which the US president made a number of false claims…” Janice Thompson you have to be talkin about Joe Biden hey can you put three sentences together with the teleprompter. He can’t even stay on the damn same subject can’t keep it in his head..the man’s got dementia and needs help and these dumbass motherfukers want to vote him in for president.