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I am who I am and IDGAF If you like me LGBT shirt, hoodie, tank top

I am who I am and IDGAF If you like me LGBT hoodie

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This is happening all across our country, and while I agree that behaviors start at home…imho public school teachers are held hostage by “feel good parenting”, fear of litigation and are not allowed to take control of their school rooms. The days of corporal punishment for unacceptable behavior which could lead to expulsion, or when parents were actually held accountable for their children’s behavior, truancy leading to officers showing up to parents work or home and bad behaviors landing you in juvenile detention….actually worked pretty damn well. Our society is very broken in many ways and we are creating broken children who will turn into broken adults….such a sad state of affairs. You need a smaller public school. I went to private. My kids go to public. Send them to private. They will get a better education because there is less drama and bad behavior. I wish I could afford private.

The schools are trying to prevent the school to prison pipeline by returning students with behavior issues to the classroom. This is fine for kids who may have around ADHD. But there are some really rough and mean kids whose presence is a threat to the safety of the teachers and other students. There has to be enough opposition in the PTA for the group to demand change. One parent can’t do it alone. The only answer besides that and private school is to live in a neighborhood known for a top public school system.