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They dang sure don’t 1/4 as bad as the corrupt democrat party! Funnel money to their own party through tax payers being forced to pay for the murder of innocent babies and want mail in voting to cheat. I have no use for the party that supports the destruction of our great country along with cheating and murder. Jessica Miller He stated during his speech that if he is re-elected he will more than likely not only defer those taxes, but terminate them as well! If you were a true patriot, you would have listened, instead of judged! Our President only has the American people’s best interest at heart, that’s why he fights the evil in Washington and the biased media on a daily basis, when he could just as easily be at Trump Tower or Mar-a-Lago relaxing and enjoying the simple life that he has built for himself and his family! Everything he sacrifices is for us and his family as well, so we can all have a better, and more productive and safer life! I have to ask myself on a daily basis, How and why does this man put up with all the hatred and corruption that he does, when he could just have simply walked away from it all and saved himself and his family a whole lot of grief…Why?? Because he CARES about our Country and all of us and he wants to see a better future for us all! Just like a parent who sacrifices everything for their children, to give them a better life…he is doing the exact same thing for all of us and it amazes me on a daily basis that people can’t see that and don’t want better for their future and their children and Grandchildren’s future as well!